Dementia Patient and Caregivers


Dementia Patient and Caregiver





This web page was developed from one that I developed for a distance learning radar course that was designed and built before I contracted Alzheimer's Disease. Even so, a large number of organizations and persons have contributed to this effort.

I owe great gratitude to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, whose Aerospace and Electrocs Systems Society (AESS) gave a grant to finance the radar course and financed the Hardware and Software necessary to assemble and program the system into this autographical diary of my journey. In addition, the help of the members and officers of New Hampshire Section of the IEEE contributed invaluable asssistance. I believe that this autobiographical video diary of an Alzheimer''s patient over the length of the disease is the first of its kind in the world, reinforcing the IEEE's theme of the years to come :"Advancing Technology for Humanity" Among the key IEEE contributors are too numerous to name.

At, the University of New Hampshire, the project would not have suceeded without the technical assistance of Mr Scott Valcourt, and the support and encouragement (and will not suceed in the future without the continued support and encouragement of the UNH Engineering Departments and the UNH Alpha Phi Omega service Fraturnity.

To Richard Cote, my great friend and helper with his experience and wisdom on how to "Get word out" about the project

This set of acknowledgements is limited by my memory. As my memory is upgraded by friends, this will be lengthened (Feb 4, 2014)


To my Father and Mother, Michael and Katherine, lifelong educators and parents, and foremost I would like to thank Jan, my dear wife, love and caregiver. to my wife chidren, Michael, Meghan, Brian, PhD EE Arizona State Universisty and Andrew, PhD EE Ohio State University

My Eduactors and Mentors

SIster Mary Seraphine, CSJ, St. Mary's High School, Lynn, MA

Mr Charles Muehe, Profs Hans Mark, David Frisch, Herman Feshbach from MIT

Profs Walter Selove, Henry Primakoff, Herbert Callen from University of Pennsylvania

and all of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff who I worked with over the years

Roger Sudbury of the Directors Office at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and,

finally Dr David Briggs and Dr.Eric Evans past and present Directors of the Laboratory