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Bob with his Wife and Caretaker Janice

Bob O'Donnell with Granddaughter Delaney

Bob O'Donnell with Grandson Sammy



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The Autobiography - Video Diary of My Journey with Dementia

by Bob O'Donnell (rodonnell209@gmail.com)

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I was diagnosed with dementia in Oct 2013. (More recently, after an evaluation by the Memory Disorder Dept. at Massachusetts General Hospital, the diagnosis was changed to probable Alzheimer's disease.) I decided in early 2014 to document at ~2-4 week intervals the progression of the disease, in the hope that other patients and caregivers would gain some psychological insight and be better able to better cope. I believe and hope that, those with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia will gain significant personal insight on how to cope with their malady, if they view and listen to my journey. My journey will not be presented in a sterile manner, but with all of the emotions that accompany it: the anger , the tears, the perseverance , the despair, hope, and of course the love and caring that is and will be given Janice, my dear wife, and the rest of my family, my church family, and my physicians. The above "Introduction and Welcome to this Project" video expands on this paragraph

Video Diary

Prelude to Project (this was recorded before my diagnosis was changed from Frontotemporal Dementia FTD to "probable Alzheimer's"-- in late June 2014

1. Mid 2011 to Oct 2013 Pre "FTD" Diagnosis

2. Post Oct 2013 to April 2014 Post "FTD" Diagnosis but before"probable Alzheimer's" Diagnosis

Monthly Entries

3. May 5, 2014 (27 minutes)

4. May 28, 2014 (25 minutes)

5. July 2, 2014 (30 minutes) 1st entry after "probable Alzheimer's" Diagnosis

6. July 25 2014 (28 minutes)

7. Sept 2 2014 (30 minutes)

8. Sept 29 2014 (28 minutes)

9. October 31 2014 (30 minutes)

10. December 2 2014 (27 minutes)

11. December 21 2014 (30 minutes)

12. January 24 2015 (32 minutes)

13. February 10 2015 (28 minutes)

14. March 10 2015 (28 minutes)

15. April 10 2015 (25 minutes)

16. April 27 2015 (part 1) (10 minutes)

17. April 27 2015 (part 2) (10 minutes)

18. May 15 2015) (25 minutes)

19. June 7 2015) (25 minutes)

20. June 7a 2015) (6 minutes)

21. August 3 2015 (24 minutes)

22. August 20 2015 (32 minutes)

23. September 24 2015 (36 minutes)

24. October 19 2015 (26 minutes)

25. October 31 2015 (34 minutes)

26. Next entry in Mid November

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Any person afflicted with any form of dementia : Alzheimer's Disease. Frontotemporal Dementia, etc.; Caregivers of those with dementia;Medical clinicians and other medical personnel, from neurologists, primary care physicians and to any other interested persons that dementia has touched


I dedicate this diary/web site to all of those who suffer from this set of diseases: the patients, their caregivers and the doctors and researchers, who are working tirelessly to treat and find the causes and cures for dementia